Hollow Knight Tattoos Meanings and Designs

Hollow Knight Tattoos Meanings and Designs

People get Hollow Knight tattoos because they love this fantastic game. Some tattoos show the fun characters from the game, and others have pretty black-and-white patterns.
These tattoos are like a colorful way to say, “I love Hollow Knight!” They remind people of the game’s unique art style, primarily black, white, and grey. Many people enjoy playing This particular kind of game called Metroidvania.

I am excited about the new Hollow Knight game Silk Song, which is coming out soon. These tattoos make all the fans feel part of one big group who likes them. We will learn more about knight tattoos and why people get it on their bodies.

Hollow Knight Tattoo Meaning

When discussing what a knight tattoo means, people often think about knights from long ago honoured for their bravery. This is more than just a picture; it shows deep respect and faithfulness, qualities knights were known for in the olden days.

When a tattoo artist puts this strong and severe symbol on someone, they are adding a piece of history that includes knightly honor and following strict rules. It is usually shown in armor and stands for a group of people who weren’t very high in society but were known for their vital duty, especially in fighting for their leader.

Hollow Knight Tattoo Designs and Ideas
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7 Popular Hollow Knight Tattoo Designs and Ideas

Popular designs for hollow knight tattoos often include the protagonist, Hornet, various characters from the game, favorite dialogue, or quotes inked on the body as a tribute, and elements from the game, with some even opting for their mask design, showing the endless possibilities.

For more interesting tattoo desingns 

Boss Tattoos

A Hollow Knight boss tattoo, striking in black ink, combines fine lines for the boss with bold stripes for its reflection, creating a large, appealing design.

Hollow Knight boss tattoo
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Reflection Tattoos

A Hollow Knight Reflection Tattoo artistically merges shades of blue, white, and black, stunningly portraying the game’s intricate shadows and ethereal aesthetics.

Reflection Tattoos
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Grimm Tattoos

A Grimm Hollow Knight tattoo captures the fiery essence and intricate design of the enigmatic character Grimm, bringing his dynamic presence in bold, vivid colors to life. This fan favorite symbolizes the Hollow Knight world’s thrilling challenges and dark beauty.

Grimm Tattoo
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Duo Tattoos

The Hollow Knight Duo Tattoo beautifully captures the essence of the fantasy game. This featuring the main character, is a stunning blend of purple and black inked bold lines with a blue ink outline, creating an aesthetic masterpiece.

Duo Tattoo
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Hornet Needle Tattoos

A Hornet Hollow Knight Needle Tattoo is an artistic representation with fine line blackwork, showcasing the King’s crest and the aesthetic appeal of the Hallow Knight story.

Hornet Needle Tattoo
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Bench Tattoos

Hollow Knight is showing the benches where players rest. These tattoos represent rest and safety in the game’s adventure.

Hollow Knight Bench Tattoo
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Red And Black Tattoos

The Red And Black Hollow Knight Tattoo is a stunning artistic representation of the iconic hollow knight. It is a remarkable black inkwork tattoo with a bold black outline and intricate details. The subtle red colored background enhances the overall artwork, creating a rustic and dark look that makes this genuinely unique.

Hollow Knight Red And Black Tattoo
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Finding the Perfect Placement for Your Tattoo

As an expert, I discuss areas where people mostly use these tattoos. And explain the reasons why people get these tattoos on their bodies.

Finding the Perfect Placement for Your Tattoo
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Hollow Knight Neck Tattoos

People get hollow knight neck tattoos of their favorite video game characters, which look excellent. But remember, getting a tattoo on the neck can be more painful.

Hollow Knight Neck Tattoos
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Hollow Knight Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder’s vertical space offers versatility in subject and placement for your artwork.

Hollow Knight Shoulder Tattoos
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Hollow Knight Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are famous for showing Hollow Knight artwork, allowing everyone to appreciate your new ink.

Hollow Knight Arm Tattoos
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Hollow Knight Hand Tattoos

Many people choose not to display their hand tattoos because they prefer other areas to showcase their ink. However, you can still get a hand tattoo if you wish, but it is relatively rare.

Hollow Knight hand Tattoos
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Hollow Knight Leg Tattoos

Legs offer ample space for these tattoos, providing more creative possibilities, and they often come in larger sizes than arm tattoos.

Hollow Knight Leg Tattoos
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Fans of Hollow Knight like to get tattoos of characters and sayings from the game. They put these tattoos on different body parts to show they’re brave and part of the game’s fan group. It’s essential for fans to pick a tattoo that means something special to them and to look after it well.


How can I personalize my hollow knight tattoo?

Personalize your Hollow Knight tattoo with meaningful symbols or quotes and unique colors crafted by a specialized artist to reflect your style.

What are some things to consider before getting a hollow knight tattoo?

For your hollow knight tattoo, carefully pick a design with special meaning, consider its size and placement for the best visibility on your body parts, and remember the importance of healing, pain tolerance, and skin sensitivity.

How many types of hollow knight tattoos?

There are many Hollow Knight tattoos, each reflecting different aspects of the game. Some popular types include Character, Boss Tattoos, Symbol, Quote Tattoos, Scenery, and ScenesTattoos.
Each type of tattoo offers a unique way for fans to express their love for “Hollow Knight” and its riches.

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