15 Popular Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

15 Popular Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

I am a fan of the Attack on Titan anime series, which has left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide with its heart-stopping action sequences and relentless battle against the Titans.

The depth of its narrative has created a profound connection with its viewers, including myself. In this article, I aim to explore tattoo ideas that commemorate this phenomenal series, offering a potent and permanent testament to our unwavering passion and admiration.

Meanings of Attack on Titan Tattoo

Attack on Titan tattoos are much more than skin art. Inspired by the anime, they symbolize personal strength and resilience. Fans feel a deep connection with the gripping story and characters. For many, they’re a part of their identity, a symbol of overcoming life’s challenges.

Perfect Places for Attack on Titan Tattoos

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15 Popular Attack on Titan Tattoo Ideas

1 #Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo

Attack on Titan Sleeve tattoo style isn’t just a blueprint; it’s a canvas for enormous artwork, a narrative unfolding along the length of one’s arm. Ideal for larger designs, the sleeve tattoo is inherently edgy, providing ample room for modifications and expansions over time.

Attack on Titan Sleeve Tattoo
Via Pinterest

2 #The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan is a huge and awe-inspiring tattoo on your arm or leg. This giant, with its immense power, is more than just ink. It’s a deep connection to the darker, mysterious side of “Attack on Titan.” Such a tattoo captures the spirit of the series. It’s powerful, mysterious, and always part of the action.

The Colossal Titan
By Kara Via Pinterest

3 #Attack on Titan Small Tattoo

With Attack on Titan, an endless range of powerful quotes and bits of dialogue can be obtained and created into meaningful pieces.

These tattoos may look better in lengthy forms, allowing for more details and colors. Furthermore, they can be relatively sufficient variants to express your connection with the Titan world.

Attack on Titan Small Tattoo
Via Pinterest

4#Tatakae Tattoo

Survey Corps logo, with its pair of wings and sword, this tattoo captures the essence of their mission, signifying freedom and liberation – the very things they sought and fought for. It represents a readiness to take up arms and defend against any onslaught.

As someone who has ventured into the unknown, this tattoo resonates deeply with my determination to fight for a better world.

Tatakae Tattoo

5#Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo

Having heard much praise for the Wings of Freedom Attack on Titan tattoo, I decided to move beyond admiring it and incorporate it into my next tattoo.

The Wings of Freedom symbolize not just a mere emblem from the Attack on Titan world, but a representation of freedom and resilience.

Wings of Freedom Attack On Titan Tattoo
by alexisalonsofe via pinterest

6# Eren Yeager’s Titan Form

As a fan of Attack on Titan, I have always been drawn to the Eren Yeager Titan form, a visual embodiment of his incredible transformation. From a vulnerable youth to a formidable protector, Eren’s evolution is a tale of growth and a remarkable journey of an individual overcoming adversity.

Eren Yeager's Titan tattoo
Via Pinterest

7#Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo

Attack on Titan Levi tattoo characteristics are not just visually appealing; they serve as a crucial selling point for anyone obtaining this tattoo. A piece of personal advice for enthusiasts: refrain from wider locations on your body when considering where to place this tattoo.

Attack on Titan Levi Tattoo
By Zen Via Pinterest

8# Titan shifter eyes

As a fan of Attack on Titan, the Titan shifters have always intrigued me. Their eyes are particularly captivating. In tattooing, these intense, piercing eyes become more than art. They symbolize strength and determination.

Titan shifter eyes tattoo
By Black Maggic Via Pinterest

9#Attack on Titan Mikasa Tattoo

Consider Mikasa, She’s unique and often seen as an underrated character in the anime. Her feminine energy? It’s inspiring. A portrait tattoo of her showcases this strength and sets a powerful tone. It’s perfect for anyone and everyone.

As a tattoo enthusiast, I’ve seen how Mikasa’s designs reflect personal stories. They’re flexible and suitable for different tastes. In short, Mikasa’s tattoos are a tribute to her spirit and a true match for fans.

By Jillian Silva Via Pinterest

10# Scouting Legion insignia

When I had the tattoo inked on my body, it felt like an induction into an elite group, symbolizing my membership in a league of fearless individuals. This insignia is not just a tattoo; it’s a permanent mark of courage, a pledge to safeguard humanity against the threat of Titans.

Scouting Legion insignia tattoo
Via Pinterest

11#Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo

Crafting this tattoo requires a thoughtful collaboration between the artist and the fan, often leading to unique variants. Its symbolism resonates deeply with those who have closely followed the series, understanding the weight of the sacrifices made.

Attack on Titan Butterfly Tattoo
By imgur Via Pinterest

12# Attack on Titan typography

Attack on Titan typography is an iconic logo, a typography masterpiece that evokes the series’ atmosphere in every curve and angle. As a tattoo design expert, I’ve always admired the distinct design elements that make it striking.

13#Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo

In the world of anime tattoos, an Attack on Titan (AOT) stands out, especially when it’s a dagger tattoo. This weapon is a key piece of equipment in the show, perfect for a tattoo. Think about the size and image. The dagger shouldn’t be too big or small but just right for your body.

Attack on Titan Dagger Tattoo
Via Pinterest

14#The Sword Tattoo

In “Attack on Titan,” the sword symbolizes the fight for freedom and survival against the Titans. People often get sword tattoos from the series as a mark of strength, courage, and resilience, reminding them of their battles and victories in life.

The Sword Tattoo
Via Pinterest

15#Ymir Tattoo

In “Attack on Titan,” Ymir is a complex character, representing freedom and rebellion. People get a Ymir tattoo as a symbol of breaking free from life’s constraints, showing their strength and independence.

Ymir Tattoo
Via Pinterest


From the imposing Colossal Titan to the emblematic Wings of Freedom, each tattoo idea offers a unique way for fans to express their admiration for the series and what it represents. These tattoos go beyond mere aesthetics, symbolizing personal strengths, resilience, and a commitment to ideals mirrored in the beloved anime.

Whether it’s a full sleeve, a small script, or an intricate character portrait, each design serves as a powerful tribute to “Attack on Titan,” blending artistry with personal significance in a way that resonates profoundly with its admirers.


What is the main message of Attack on Titan?

The main message of Attack on Titan is a commentary on the cycles of violence and oppression, and the complexities of human nature in the face of survival and freedom.

What is AOT most known for?

Attack on Titan (AOT) is most known for its intense storytelling, dark themes, and iconic giant humanoid creatures called Titans.

What is the best description of Attack on Titan?

It is a gripping and intense anime series set in a world where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to gigantic, man-eating Titans.

Is Attack Titan good or bad?

It is a complex character, neither purely good nor bad, as it embodies traits and actions that can be seen as both heroic and destructive, depending on the perspective.

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