Phantom Troupe Machi Tattoo

15 Phantom Troupe Machi Tattoo – Secrets & Symbols

As an avid anime fan who grew up binge-watching series from the ‘90s, discovering Hunter x Hunter felt like striking gold. This hit anime series, notably famed for its intricate characters and compelling storytelling, introduced me to the Phantom Troupe, a group of formidable criminals with unique, numbered spider tattoos marking their bodies. 

Among these, Machi’s tattoo stood out for its elegance and the deep bond it symbolized within the Troupe. The iconic spider markings of the Phantom Troupe ignited a craze amongst fans worldwide, leading to a surge of Phantom Troupe tattoos being inked across the globe, turning into a rage on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok.
The Phantom Troupe tattoo designs, especially from the Japanese version known as Genei Ryodan in the West, became highly popular. Since their release in 1999 and a resurgence in 2011 with new characters and even more engaging arcs, the Phantom Troupe and their tattoos have symbolized the unyielding success and craze of the Hunter x Hunter series. The spider tattoo, particularly Machi’s, serves as the best tattoo design for fans seeking to embody the spirit and mystique of the Phantom Troupe.

Phantom Troupe Tattoo Means & Symbolizes

The Phantom Troupe tattoo carries a deep significance that goes beyond mere ink on skin. Each spider tattoo represents membership in the notorious Phantom Troupe gang, with the twelve-legged spider standing as a symbol of unity among the group members. The head of the spider signifies the leader of the troupe, embodying the value and importance of each member’s role within this tight-knit family. 
Intriguingly, every tattoo bears a unique number on the body, reflecting the ever-changing dynamics of the group members. This mystery further adds to the allure of obtaining such a tattoo. Initially portrayed as criminals and villains, the series progresses to throw a curveball, revealing the bad guys as good samaritans indulging in philanthropic work in their hometown, The Meteor City.

15 Phantom Troupe Machi Tattoo-Secrets & Symbols

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Who Is Phantom Troupe?

The Phantom Troupe is a notorious group of thieves and mercenaries in the anime and manga series “Hunter x Hunter,” known for their strength, stealth, and the distinctive spider tattoos that signify their membership.

Where is Machi’s Phantom Troupe tattoo?

Machi’s Phantom Troupe tattoo is located on the middle of her lower back.

Who is number 1 in Phantom Troupe?

Nobunaga Hazama is number 1 in the Phantom Troupe, known for his swordsmanship and loyalty to the group.

Who is number 2 in Phantom Troupe?

Number 2 in the Phantom Troupe is Feitan Portor, known for his speed, strength, and proficiency in swordsmanship, as well as his ability to speak multiple languages.

What does a 12 legged spider mean?

A 12-legged spider typically symbolizes the Phantom Troupe in the anime “Hunter x Hunter,” representing unity and the individual significance of its 13 members.

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