Ramen Tattoo Design With Meanings

13 Popular Ramen Tattoo Design With Meanings

From lively streets of Japan to the pages of manga, from the screens of absolutely mind-blowing. TV shows show that great food was always a basic and very important part of culture. Japanese foods are trending worldwide, and ramen stands out as a popular item. Its broth is warm and heartening and has conquered palates all over the world. 

Today, it has become more than a dish, even a fashion. People have expressed their love for ramen in a million different ways, but one of the most personal expressions is through a tattoo. Loving both the dish and the art, I am convinced that these ramen tattoo designs are meant for people with exquisite taste in culinary arts. 

These tattoos are able to capture the very soul of ramen, from its hot and flavorful broth to the perfect noodle combination, all rendered in ink in tribute to this favourite dish. Each design has a story, a testament to how the bearer is bound by love for ram-udon beyond language and culture.

Designs of Ramen Tattoos And Their Meaning

The meaning behind a Ramen tattoo can be as unclear and personal as the story of Ramen itself. Still, one thing remains constant: it is a mark of amazing taste and an adventurous spirit, celebrating a simple dish that has amazed and nourished souls worldwide. As a personal testament, my own Ramen tattoo symbolizes nights spent with friends, exploring the variations of Ramen from different regions of Japan, each bowl a curated experience of flavours and stories.

The designs go beyond just tattoos of food; they are a tribute to the dish whose honour goes above many cultures around the world. Rising from being a mere Japanese dish into a household name through TikTok and late-night snacks. A Ramen tattoo can range from the more classic style of Ramen with wheat noodles, meat-based broth, and toppings to the newer, post-World War II products like Cup Noodles and Top Ramen, which celebrate the invention of instant ramen by Momofuku Ando in 1958.

13 Popular Ramen Tattoo Design With Meanings

1. Classic Tonkotsu Ramen Tattoo

This design features rich, creamy pork broth ramen, symbolizing comfort and indulgence. People choose it to express their love for life’s heartwarming and fulfilling aspects, reminiscent of a comforting bowl of ramen.

Classic Tonkotsu Ramen Tattoo
Image by Samantha Wu via Pinterest.com

2. Shoyu Ramen Tattoo

Shoyu ramen tattoos, with their clear, soy sauce-infused broth, represent simplicity and elegance. It’s chosen for its representation of finding beauty in simplicity and the importance of balance in flavour and life.

Shoyu Ramen Tattoo
Image by tony castillo via Pinterest.com

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3. Spicy Miso Ramen Tattoo

This design highlights the bold and fiery miso ramen, symbolizing passion and the courage to face life’s challenges. It’s a favourite among those who love to live life with intensity and a zest for new experiences.

Spicy Miso Ramen Tattoo
Image by instagram.com

4. Vegetarian Ramen Tattoo

Featuring an assortment of vegetables in a light broth, this tattoo celebrates health, vitality, and compassion towards all living beings. It’s popular among those who prioritize wellness and ethical living.

Vegetarian Ramen Tattoo
Image by insider.com via Pinterest.com

5. Seafood Ramen Tattoo

Seafood ramen tattoos, often vibrant with various sea creatures, symbolize abundance and the exploration of the unknown. They are chosen by those who seek adventure and deeply appreciate the ocean’s bounty.

Seafood Ramen Tattoo
Image by inktat2.com via PInterest.com

6. Tsukemen Ramen Tattoo

This unique design, showing noodles being dipped into a separate bowl of broth, represents individuality and the joy of customization. It appeals to those who value personal choice and the experience of engaging actively with their passions.

Tsukemen Ramen Tattoo
Image by Pinterest.com

7. Chicken Ramen Tattoo

Featuring a clear, soothing chicken broth, this tattoo symbolizes comfort, healing, and the warmth of home. It’s preferred by individuals looking for a reminder of security and the simple pleasures in life.

Chicken Ramen Tattoo
Image by instagram.com

8. Tantanmen Ramen Tattoo

With its spicy and nutty flavours, the Tantanmen ramen tattoo embodies complexity and the fusion of cultures. It’s a choice for those who appreciate the melding of different traditions and the spicy complexities of life.

Tantanmen Ramen Tattoo
Image by instagram.com

9. Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks Tattoo

This classic design symbolizes the joy of dining and the cultural significance of ramen as a communal dish. People get it to express their love for food and the connections it fosters among people.

Ramen Bowl with Chopsticks Tattoo
Image by Pinterest.com

10. Sakura and Ramen Tattoo

Combining ramen with cherry blossoms, this tattoo represents the transient beauty of life and the importance of savouring every moment. It’s popular among those who cherish beauty, impermanence, and the cycles of life.

 Sakura and Ramen Tattoo
Image by instagram.com

11. Koi Fish and Ramen Tattoo

Merging the symbolism of koi fish for perseverance and luck with ramen, this design signifies the journey of life, resilience, and the rewards of perseverance. It appeals to individuals who value the journey and the stories of overcoming obstacles.

Koi Fish and Ramen Tattoo
Image by Brigette Hartman

12. Oni (Demon) Eating Ramen Tattoo

This playful yet meaningful design features a Japanese demon indulging in ramen, symbolizing embracing one’s darker aspects and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures. It’s chosen by those who acknowledge and celebrate their imperfections.

Oni (Demon) Eating Ramen Tattoo
Image by Liza via Pinterest.com

13. Ramen Cart Tattoo

Depicting a traditional ramen cart, this tattoo pays homage to the humble beginnings of ramen and the hard work behind the dish. It symbolizes dedication, entrepreneurship, and the journey towards achieving one’s dreams, appealing to those with a passion for their craft and a respect for tradition.

Ramen Cart Tattoo
Image by instagram.com


What is the Japanese symbol for ramen?

The Japanese symbol for ramen is ラーメン.

What is the popular tattoo in Japan?

One of the most popular tattoos in Japan is the irezumi style, which often features motifs such as koi fish, dragons, cherry blossoms, and samurai. Traditional Japanese tattoos are known for their intricate details and rich symbolism.

What do tattoos mean in Japan?

In Japan, tattoos have historically been associated with the Yakuza (Japanese organized crime) and thus carry a social stigma. However, perspectives are slowly changing, especially among younger generations and in urban areas.

Are tattoos OK in Japan?

Tattoos have a complex reputation in Japan due to their historical association with criminal organizations, leading to societal stigma and restrictions in public places like onsens and gyms. However, attitudes are slowly changing, especially among younger generations and in urban areas.

What does 2 Koi mean?

The presence of 2 Koi fish often symbolizes balance, harmony, and good luck in relationships, drawing from Asian cultures, particularly Feng Shui and Japanese symbolism.

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